Wakesurf Divisions

The West Central Wakesurf Open is about to storm the shores of Green Lake in Spicer, MN! This all-day, family-friendly wakesurfing competition will bring together riders of all skill levels, spectators from all around, and sponsors who want to help more people discover the fun and excitement of wakesurfing.


This event is open for all ability levels: novice – professional. No matter your level of surfing, you’ll find the category that suits you.

Men & Women // Skim & Surf


Little Groms // Open to surfers of all skill levels under the age of 12.


Surfers who are new to competitions // Amateurs can ride without the rope, perform basic tricks, and occasionally land 360s and shuvits.


Surfers looking to hit the next level // Outlaws can invert their riding style and are starting to experiment with more advanced tricks like alley-oops, 720s, and grabs.


Surfers with advanced skills and competitive experience // Pros can throw down the gnarliest tricks like 360 shuvits, alley-oops, 720s, and grabs with speed, consistency, and style.


Surfers who get better with age // Open to surfers of all skill levels over the age of 40.


The real heroes // Riders that have a physical disability and shred anyway.